My Christmas Decor

Today, I'm going to do something I don't generally do outside the A B See Photo Meme: a photo post.  Enjoy the peek inside my room!

my personal dollar-store nativity, purchased in New York when I decided I needed my own decorations

my brother's tree, which was actually my first tree, also purchased in New York for $12 - lights, ornaments, tinsel, topper, and all! isn't it so sparkly and cute?

a close-up of my new tree, twice the size of my first

a close-up of the garland draped across the top of my closet doors

don't let this bare, unassuming, slanted little tree fool you... just you wait

my swing doll, Heidi, in her Christmas dress playing out in the snow with my little snowman

told you the tree wasn't innocent! he's really the loudest, most obnoxious Tannenbaum you ever met. with a motion sensor nose and freakishly bushy 'eyebrows.'

and the grand finale, my marvelous little tree in all its lit-up splendor. :)

Fellow teenagers still living at home with the fam, do you decorate your own bedroom?  If so, when and why did you start?  To all my readers, any special decoration stories to share, or a favorite memory surrounding a special decoration?


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