NaNo Summary/Wrap-Up

Well everyone, I have crawled out from under my NaNoWriMo/Thanksgiving Break/Grandparents' Visit rock and back into the light of everyday life. NaNo's over, we're back to school, and my grandparents went home. We saw The Muppets (it was cute, but not my thing) and I ate just enough turkey (yum!). But I'm sure you're all dying to know how my NaNo went... okay, so a few of you are and the rest are bored to death. I'll tell you anyway.

I failed - but I won.

Let me explain. I failed (miserably) at making my word goal. The adult NaNo goal is 50,000 words. My goal was 20,000 words. I didn't even make 10,000 words. And part of me feels like a pathetic wimp for it.

But I learned how to contain my Inner Editor; I learned how undisciplined I really have become, and what needs to be done to fix this problem; and I broke the horrible Fiction Writer's Block that has been plaguing me since mid-summer. So I'd say my first NaNo, however small my word count, was a huge success.

How did your NaNos go? Any [official] winners here? Any UNofficial winners who would like to share what they learned or accomplished?


  1. well, i didn't win or lose, cuz i didn't join. maybe next year :)

  2. Hey Jessica! Haha, yeah, it's a little hard to win or learn anything without joining :) I hope you get a chance next year! I'm definitely doing it again, even if I don't have time to win ;)

  3. Even if you didn't reach your goal, you still did awesome, I'm sure.
    We can be under 10,000 buddies because I got to about 97 hundred before my plot died. Anywho, NaNo is just supposed to be amazing insanity, so if you didn't get your goal, that's cool, AT LEAST YOU TRIED!
    That's my motto, that even if you didn't do amazing, at least you tried something most adults wouldn't dare to attempt!

  4. I won this year, writing about 60K. But I'm an old broad and I've been writing for years. Let me give you two pieces of advice for next year
    1. write everyday, aim for 2000 words
    2. Have an outline and especially try to picture the very last scene.
    Good luck and congrats on your almost 10K

  5. Hey angelhorn! Thanks for the tips. I actually did have a very clear outline... it's the writing-every-day part where I failed miserably. I really did plan to! Life and lack of discipline just got in the way :P
    And congrats on winning! :)


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