T is for...

Tiny kitty...

Taking his first bath!

This is our new kitty, Pebbles :D Isn't he the cutest thing?


  1. I like kittens... :) (He looks so thrilled about his bath. jk :)

  2. LOL. Now i know whay some people say, 'like a wet cat.' XD He looks hilarious! but also too cute♥ congrats!

  3. Awe, how cute!
    I love kittens :)
    Btw, have you every tried those spray on baths? They work really well....


  4. OH he looks like he's saying help me!! So Cute!
    We can't have kitties as my DH and sons are all allergic to cats! Bummer for me.

  5. Hey everybody! Isn't he adorable? No, Zoe, we haven't tried spray-ons, and I doubt we will. It just doesn't seem like it would work for us. Thanks for the suggestion, though. And Colleen, I am so sorry. I hope none of my family are ever allergic! :P

  6. Doesn't look as cute when he's soaking wet - he's sooooo much cuter with all his fluffy fur=)

  7. Hey Momma :) That's definitely true <3

  8. OMG. My heart just melted a little bit. ;)

  9. Hi Violinist! I find these photos funny now, because Pebbles is all grown up and showing the very... *ahem* large traits of a Maine coon mix.


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