30 Day Challenge: Day 12 - A Song You Want Played At Your Wedding

So, I know I said I wasn't sticking to my old schedule, but I love doing this 30 Day Challenge so that's one thing I've decided to keep doing. :) It's still a Saturday-only thing, though.

This week's challenge is a song I want played at my wedding.  Now I know most girls would share their "first dance" song or some love song they adore, but my music tastes change on a regular basis, and I have no idea what my "first dance" song will be.  In fact, there's only one song I know for sure I want played at my wedding - the father/bride dance song.  I almost cried the first several times this played on KLove, and every time I thought, I just have to play this at my wedding.

The sad thing is one of the two adopted little girls who inspired the song was in a car accident while her 16-year-old brother was driving.  It was ten days after her fifth birthday, and was mere hours before her oldest sister's engagment party and oldest brother's graduation party.  :(  The accident was in May 2008.


  1. Oh, my gosh! I want that one played at my wedding, too! That or Butterfly Kisses. :)

  2. Oh Becki, I <3 <3 <3 Butterfly Kisses! I definitely want this one, though :)

  3. I think the little girl got ran over by the brother driving...but I could be wrong. (I don't think Wikipedia is infalliable.)

    I love that song SO much. I would have it play at my wedding for the daddy/daughter dance, but it doesn't really describe me and my dad (who is actually my stepdad, as my birth father is not in my life). All well. I'll pressure my little sister Madilynn to use it if she gets married someday...I can just live through her. ;)

  4. Hey Alexxus! All I know about the accident came from a YouTube video/photo slideshow/music thing that someone made in her honor for the two-year anniversary.
    Also, a lot of father/daughter dances actually use love songs that they pick out for the occasion - you could always do that ;) But living through someone else works, too. My friend tries to live through me a lot :P Haha

  5. I love this song! :)So said about the girl!

  6. Hey Alexa. Yeah, the songwriter actually wrote several other songs in her memory - mostly about how he can't wait to get to Heaven and see her again. </3

  7. Yes, Steven Curtis Chapman is one of my favorite Christian artists. :)


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