30 Day Challenge - Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure

So, I said I was gonna keep up with this thing and then totally forgot for a month. Sorry!  But I do intend to keep going now. ;)

Okay, I know most women have a guilty pleasure, but mine's not as easily defined as "watching Gossip Girl" or whatever.


Alright.  It kinda can.  This definitely counts, and I can't believe I didn't think of it right away.  In fact, I'm indulging right now.  Ready?

*tiny embarrassed voice*

I adore Taylor Swift music.  I'm not talking I-listen-to-a-few-songs-once-in-a-blue-moon.  I'm talking I-love-these-songs.

*properly shamed face*

Now, I don't like her songs about revenge or "Mean" or most of her breakup songs.  But I love the happy songs.

So now I shall share with you! :D


  1. Don't feel guilty, I love her music too! Don't know why some people hate her so much. Maybe jealousy?

  2. Hey Allison! Haha, probably. Or they just aren't fans of that genre in general...

  3. Hello. I know you don't know me. :) I found you because I'm a teen author too. :) I love Taylor as way. :) She's so pretty, and seems like a sweet heart in real life too (most of the time!) ;) The song you posted is one of my favorites (that and "Daddy's Song" I LOVE that one). I smile EVERY time she gets to the part about "...got down on one knee." And the part about "talked to your dad" love that. :) Good message. Guys: talk to our daddy's. If you can get past them, I know you're ok! :)

  4. Hi Princess! It's always nice to meet new readers :)
    P.S. Amen, sister! Any guys listening out there?


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