I was just re-reading several posts on this blog, and I decided to see what I'd labeled "Inspired by Bailey."  I know that many more posts were affected by her influence than are tagged, but I only tag the posts that are directly inspired by her, and I wanted to see which ones those were.  As I was reading, I found myself for the millionth time wondering what was so amazing about her to me.  Some days I look up to her and other days I know (at least in theory) that she's no 'better' than me or any other girl out there - and she'd be the first to say so.  But still, we all have people we look up to, admire, aspire to be like.  Why?

Instead of doing a Google search for surveys and scientific studies of the brain on this topic, a single thought popped into my mind: She's the same as me, on the same path that I am, just more mature and a little farther along.  This is the same thing I've known in theory but struggled to understand since that first "adoring fan" comment I left on her blogToday, something clicked in my brain.  Maybe it's because it's been around a year since I first started following her (and I don't mean just in the blog sense, I mean in the adoring-little-kid-who-clings-to-teen-hero sense.)  But as I re-read the birthday letter slash guest post she wrote for me, I started to honestly see our similarities.  We're both teen girls, with a passion for God and a desire to do right, stumbling through life and struggling to separate God's opinion from man's interpretation of it.

Suddenly, I realized what made us the same - and what really made us different - all at once.  I used to tell myself we were equal in God's eyes while believing that she, and all my other heroes, was superior to me - in God's eyes and everybody else's.  But we really, truly, honestly are equals.  We're just at different stages in life - whether in regards to spiritual, physical, emotional, academic(al?), or other forms of growth.  Some people are older than others.  Some people are in a higher grade at school, or have more years of college under their belt.  Some people have mastered certain character qualities and are now working on something else.  But they doesn't mean any of us have reached the finish point of growth.

You know, I was going to end with a nice clincher sentence and thought-provoking statement, but instead I'll just point something weird and amazing and slightly unreal-feeling.  Apparently God has decided once again to use my younger self to teach my older self.  (Has He ever done that to you?  I find it happens most often with the obvious, right in front of us, known that all along sort of things.)  Back when I first started this blog, I also made a few pages.  I've added and edited and updated since then, but I'd just like to point my lovely readers' attention to one of the very first things I wrote on this blog that is now oh-so-fitting: http://maybeteenauthor.blogspot.com/p/my-heroes.html

Even superheroes can be normal. :]


  1. Aww, Emily! *HUGS* We really are freakily similar. I always thought heroes were people we wished we could be, but after reading your post, I see that you're right. My favorite heroines are what I could be. It's so true that we're all on journeys -- together.

  2. Hi Bailey! :) You know, with as much as I mention you around here, it was really only a matter of time before I just made the entire post about you...

    Haha, anyway, I totally just shared this post on your blog before realizing you'd already commented here... I am such a dweeb. This is what I get for checking emails from oldest to newest.

  3. I really liked this post, Emily. Thank you. I have two friends like that, and they're the coolest ever. :) And it also makes me check what I'm doing when I realize that I'm that for other girls, too.

  4. Hey Becki. Yeah, it really makes you think about the role model you're being, too.


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