Friendlight Friday

I haven't had a Friendlight (friend spotlight) in a good while.  Since Friendlights were inspired by my favorite posts of Bailey's, and her most recent post is a beautiful expression on friendship that touched my heart, I decided to bring them back - if only for today.

If you say something, I'll hear what you say and not what I think you say.
If you tell me you like me, I'll believe you.
If you seem to enjoy my company, I'll enjoy yours too instead of fearing it'll end.
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  1. Emmalee, I really miss you. :/ You kept everything on this side of sane, and now it's my responsibility. I appreciate you all the more now that it IS mine to take care of. :D I want you to know that you'll always be one of my best friends, okay? :) Even if you can't be part of the Fearsome Foursome all the time, you'll always be part of it to me. ^_^ I LOVE YOU, EMMALEE!!!

  2. Hi Beekee! I miss y'all too. :\ LOVE Y'ALL TOO!


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