Really Cool Animals I've Never Heard Of

This is your chance to glimpse inside my biology book!  Okay, I admit that sounds really lame and unexciting, but these photos are really cool.  Like the title says, they're animals I'd never heard of until I saw them in my bio book.  Internet searches for photos led to more unusual animals, and this post kinda tapers into "World's Smallest Animals."  They're all really cool/cute though.  :)
(Yes, this may partially be my personal attempt to turn off my instinct to fall asleep when reading textbooks.  Next up I might share something interesting from history class.)

Duckbill Platypus.  Okay, I've heard of this one, but it's so cool!

Pangolin (with a baby!)

No, not a striped squirrel.  A numbat!  Aka "banded anteater"

Diatryma.  Actually a digital image.  See skeleton.

Real diatryma, long-time extinct.

Epigaulus, a drawing.
Epigaulus, also extinct.

Lesser mouse-deer, highly endangered.

World's smallest lizard species.


Bee hummingbird.  Actually, I've not only heard of this, I've had one fly right in front of my face!  In Okinawa, *in my backyard.*  It was awesome.

Fairy penguins, aka blue, little blue, and/or little penguins. World's smallest penguins.

World's smallest snake.


  1. The Lesser mouse-deer is so cute! I love it's legs! They are like toothpicks! I've never heard of any of these animals except the platypus. :)


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