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My (mostly)strawberry-(just slightly)blond hair is my favorite feature.  I would say it's my best, but there are people reading this who would disagree.  So we'll stick with "favorite."

I recently received a postcard in the mail.  That in itself is not exactly a big deal... except this was my Locks of Love donor recognition postcard!

Actually, it was my second LOL postcard.  I have donated hair on two occasions - once right before I moved to Oki, when I donated 13 inches.  (People, that is a crazy lot of hair.  I had what was left turned into a layered bob that was *so* not right for my face shape.)  This time, I donated 12 inches - still a ton of hair - and had much better results.  For one, I grew it out longer beforehand so I would have more to work with after the cut.  Also, I did a lot of internet surfing to find the perfect cut for my hair type and color, face shape, and morning styling time.



Now I guess I'll just let it keep growing until I donate again!  I mean, I've been "growing it out" practically all my life - why stop now?  Besides, my hair is a really unique color that a ton of women pay hundreds of dollars to get with color treatments.  (Or so my hairdressers have told me.)  Since I'm blessed enough to have it naturally, I figure the hairpiece recipients at LOL would be happy to have it too.

Have you ever donated something unique - like hair! - to a charity?


  1. oh, your hair cut is very cute! can I have your hair color?

  2. Cute haircut, Emily! I've donated a couple times to Locks of Love, but right now I like my hair looong.

  3. Hello ladies! Thanks Marcia. :) Haha, the hairpieces are given to kids with diseases that cause baldness, so you can't have the hairpiece made from my hair unless you have one of those diseases. If you want to dye your hair, mine is officially called strawberry blonde! Haha.

    Bailey, thanks. (: I love my hair long, but I guess I'll just keep growing it out and donate it when I get bored with it. They even take gray hair, so I can keep donating as an old lady!

  4. I would love to donate to Locks to Love someday, but, my hair takes FOREVER to grow, and I really do not look good in short hair. Plus, I like it long. [:

    My hair is also a unique color - a natural blonde with lots of highlights and lowlights. Apparently women pay a lot to get my color hair too (at least that's what I've been told by hair stylists).

  5. I'm planning on doing a donation this summer! SO excited/nervous.

  6. Hey, Emily! I do love your haircut, it goes really well with your face shape. If I can stand to grow my hair out long, I plan on donating to LOL someday. I guess it just depends how long it's grown by my annual haircut (My B-day). Guess we'll see.

  7. Hi ladies! AnnaKate, good luck with your donation! :)

    Alexxus and InterviewGirl, LOL *will* take donations that are shorter than the minimum length - they can't make them into hairpieces, but they sell them (to commerical wigmakers, I think) to raise money. After all, it takes more than hair to run a charitable organization. :)


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