30 Day Challenge - Day 22: First Ten Shuffled Songs

Put your playlist on Shuffle and list the first ten songs that play...

"My Father's Father" by The Civil Wars ~ actually, i recently added some of their songs to 'try them out'.  so far i kinda like them, although all their songs are sad or sad-sounding.

"When the Sand Runs Out" by Rascall Flatts ~ great song. very inspirational.

"What Hurts the Most" by Boyce Avenue ~ (cover of rascall flatts song) another great song, although it's very sad and i generally listen to the original when i'm already sad and feel the need to cry.  the original of this song made me cry the first twenty times at least.  i love this cover artist, too, so i have all their songs that i already have the original of.

"This and That is Life" by David Choi ~ another new artist i've found.  like a lot of his more acoustic and 'happy about life' songs, and a few of his love songs.  this one would probably fall under the 'happy about life' category.

"Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato ~ this is the only song by her i've actually heard, but i like how it's about rising above those who try to hurt you.

"Birds of a Feather" by The Civil Wars ~ love this one!  it's pretty much a sarcastic love song: the boy and the girl practically despise each other, but they can't live without each other.  nothing and nobody could ever break them up because they're so close - but they're also so close that they are both keenly aware of the other's every fault.  it's the kind of song i'd listen to if i were married whenever i got kick-him-out-of-the-house mad, because that's pretty much how the speakers feel, yet they still realize how much they love and need each other.

"Forever and Ever" by He Is We ~ *sigh* another beautiful love song.  i have several of those.  this one's about a girl who is totally in love with a guy.  they were together for a while, then she left him.  now she's realizing she just can't live without him, and she's 'giving you my forever and ever.'  it makes me think of weddings.  weddings always make me happy.  :)

"If You Told Me To" by Hunter Hayes ~ about a boy who wants to love a girl, and is telling her how he wants to be everything for her, but only if she tells him to.  a guy telling a girl all the amazing ways he'd love her, and then asking her permission to love her like that?  soooo perfect <3

"Something More" by Sugarland ~ honestly, i didn't pay much attention to the point of this song when i added it.  i just like how it says 'there's gotta be something more' than your average working american's life - because i want *my* life to be more and mean more than the average working american life.  i want to be more thankful and helpful and just make the world a better place.  this song reminds me of that kind of thinking and makes me happier and inspired to keep trying to find that meaningful life.  (although, now that i've actually looked up the lyrics, it seems the song's more about having fun than helping others.  but the chorus could go both ways, and that's the part i like.)

"Only Hope" by Mandy Moore ~ what girl has ever heard of this movie and *not* loved this song?  love the movie, love the book, love the music - well, some of it - love the *love story*.  a walk to remember: [spoiler alert!!] bad boy meets pastor's daughter, is stuck working with her for punishment, falls in love, starts to shape up.  turns out she has cancer, she pushes him away not wanting to hate God for tearing them apart, but he sticks by her through everything.  he even marries her (! <3) and they enjoy an amazing summer, 'full of more love than most people know in a lifetime,' before she passes.  then the bad boy we started with goes on to medical school and lives an incredible life because of the angelic girl who shared her inspirational love with the least likely person.


  1. Ahhh! Love a lot of those artists and songs. :]

  2. Hi Alexxus! You have good taste ;)

  3. I've only heard one song. Skyscrapers. I really like it!

  4. Hey Anon! Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. I think you would like "Fall For You" by Secondhand Serenade. Really pretty. By the way, I'm Anon. :)


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