Hunger Games Havoc

As everyone who's anyone knows, the Hunger Games are huge right now - they're the latest craze. I shared some of my thoughts on the controversial series here. (Side note: why is every popular series also so controversial? Food for thought.) Today I'd like to share some posts by two of my favorite bloggers - one being Bailey (yay!) and the other being AnnaKate. As some of you know, *my* HG post was a guest post for AnnaKate, and she has also guest posted at my blog before. She has the most amazing HG blog posts - some are fun, some are thoughtful, but all are just pure awesome.

An Open Letter to the Christian Media - AnnaKate's thoughts on all the negativity coming from Christians concerning this series

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor - a movie review (spoiler alert)

Gale vs. Peeta - AnnaKate, a fellow member of Team Peeta, and her friend Natalie of Team Gale, list actual reasons -both appareance and character related - for each leading male from the series

Gale, Katniss, and Peeta - a less romance-oriented and more relationship-oriented discussion of the triangle, also from AnnaKate

And last but not least: Bailey's To Read or Not To Read.

These two ladies seem to hold many of the same opinions and feelings in regard to this series and the general Christian world's reaction to it. I felt I'd rather share their words with you than to rewrite the ideas myself. Enjoy!


  1. Awww, thanks so much for sharing these, Emily! I am so glad you enjoyed them. =)


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