30 Day Challenge: Day 23 - A Website

This is perfect timing, because I've recently discovered a website I planned to share with my lovely readers.  For once, it actually relates to writing!

See, like all other writers, I go through writers' block.  A lot.  And just forcing myself to write anyway doesn't work much for me.  Also, like several writers (although not a majority), I have time to write most days - I just don't write.  Maybe I'm bored with my story right now, or I'm stuck, or I'm just plain not in a writing mood.

I've found a website that has remedied both of these problems, without a regulated program and nothing I have to pay or register for.  It's www.creativewritingprompts.com, and I love it.

CreativeWritingPrompts is simple.  You just scroll over one of the 346 purple numbers, and a prompt appears.  (Just so you know, clicking the number won't make the prompt stay when you move your mouse away.  I tried.)  Some of the prompts are for stories, some for poems, some for articles or blog posts - and some just for crazy fun.  :)  I've started going through them in order.  Every time I feel like writing, I open the website and look at whatever prompt is next.  Then I follow it, and save the file on my computer in a CWP folder.  I save them by day numbers and a note as to what the prompt was; I put the date at the bottom of each document.  Sometimes I spend an entire weekend on one prompt; other times I use two or three prompts in one day.

Now, there are a bunch of ads for books and kits you can buy - but they all look like great stuff I might actually buy sometime, especially if they're endorsed by CWP (which most are).  Also, they're all for writing-related things, so it's not like those GoogleAds you get that track your search engine terms and try to give you related ads.  (Those things aren't supposed to annoy you, but they do me.)

There's also a list of sister websites, although I've only had time to check out one of these.  They are all writer- or reader-related as far as I know.

So there you have it.  My favorite writers' block cure and newest Internet obsession, in one package.


  1. Holy cow, this is amazing! =D

  2. Hi AnnaKate! Isn't it? And all it took to find it was googling 'writing prompts.' I can't believe it took me this long to find it!


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