Book Review: Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore
Once you've seen, you can't unsee.

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Some of my lovely readers may remember my review of Rippler, the first in a sci-fi(ish) YA trilogy by Cidney Swanson.  I loved that book, and the rest of the trilogy.  They were some of the best secular books I've read; Angel Eyes was very similar.  The writing styles, the chapter setup, and the author's use of different points of view were nearly the same in Rippler and Angel Eyes.  They're also both the first in a trilogy.  But the likeness doesn't stop there - not at all.  The main characters, their relationships with others and each other, and the small-town setting were very alike.

Now obviously, these books have different plots and different authors - they're distinct.  Angel Eyes kept me guessing and turning pages long after I normally have a book's ending figured out.  The writing style draws you in, the storyline unfolds naturally, and the characters are three-dimensional.  There are a few unanswered questions - after all, it's part of a trilogy - but there are enough answers to keep a reader satisfied.

The Christian aspect of this book seems aligned with Scripture.  The main premise of the book is focused on angels, demons, and Heaven; the Bible doesn't tell us nearly as much about these things as it does salvation or the Christian life.  Naturally, the author had to take some liberties and use her imagination.  That's part of writing any novel.  But everything that is found in Scripture about these subjects was written into the book accurately and beautifully.

To conclude, I'd say that I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys young adult fiction or stories that blend suspense, action, and romance.  I give this book five stars.

I received this book for free through BookSneeze in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. I came across Angel Eyes on the Barnes and Noble website yesterday and I was thinking I might be interested in reading it. Your review helped me get a better understanding of the book -- and I think I will read it! Thanks for the post!

    Now following your blog! :)

  2. Hi Jill! Thanks for dropping by :) I'm glad my review helped you out!

    And now I'm off to visit your blog :)

  3. Good review, Emily. I reacted to this wonderful book much the same way you did.

    BTW, if you ever have reviews, like this one, over books that are Christian speculative fiction, consider cross posting at Speculative Faith. Besides being a team blog and a library of Christian speculative titles, we're posting reviews and recommendations so readers can find the best books in the genre. If you're interested, you can find the link in the sidebar at my site (I don't want to spam your readers and post the link here).



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