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I recently told my brothers about a Beauty and the Beast screenshot I found on Pinterest... which led to our arguing whether the best library in the world was Belle's or the real King Xerxes's... which led to my trying to Google how many books would fit in Belle's library if it were real... which led to my watching a bazillion YouTube proposal videos.

Please note: I'm not trying to make a point here. Just talking about YouTube videos and a growing trend in America.
Everybody's heard at least one 'amazing proposal' story - the couple on Dancing with the Stars, or the guy who made a movie preview and the theater played it before a movie his girlfriend was at.  The biggest one I've seen is this:

Which, admittedly, is an awesome proposal.  Although the actual wedding part is where I draw the line and start to wonder what these people are thinking.
Then, of course, there's another category: Disney proposals.  These are the best kind, in my opinion.  My personal favorite:

But when I see big and/or public proposals - like the first video above, the Dancing with the Stars proposal, a ball game halftime proposal, etc. - my first thought isn't generally 'how sweet' or 'aww!'  No, it's "What if she said no?"  Then I imagine all the ways a best friend of mine would undoubtedly humiliate any guy who tried any sort of public proposal.  She's not the kinda girl you mess with.

But, of course, a public proposal would make any girl look like a witch in the surrounding strangers' eyes - just for saying no.  How fair is that to them?  I mean, even in old days when a girl had practically no say in her own life, the one thing she did have was the power of saying no to a suitor.

So when I found this video, it cracked me up.  All I can say is - Finally!

Then again, I feel very, very sorry for the men.


  1. I like the Dancing with the Stars one! I felt sorry for the proposal embarassing! The Dancing with the Stars was funny and neat... I wonder how they got all those people to dance!

  2. Hahahahahahahahahah! I died over the proposal fails, even though I feel bad for the men.

  3. Hello ladies :) Alexa, if you're talking about the first video, that's actually from Mobbed, not Dancing with the Stars. I'm pretty sure the dancers were all hired for the proposal, since it was part of the tv show.

    Alexxus, I totally know what you mean :)

  4. Empathy is almost a curse...

    I feel so bad for those guys!! Granted, they had no room to propose to a girl in that public of a place, but still, I feel really bad for them. :\

  5. Oh yes, Annie, compassion can be a curse. ;)

  6. Wow!! That first video is really cool... Such a great post!!

  7. Hi Mackenzie! Isn't it? So cute and sweet :) Thanks for stopping in!


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