30 Day Challenge - Day 28: A Scar You Have and Its Story

I've been waiting for this one, mainly because it's the only one I knew exactly what to talk about the day I started this challenge.

See, I have this nasty(ish) scar on my leg - my left calf, to be exact.  And you'd expect a scar that looks like mine to have some sort of bragging-rights-story with it.

You'd be wrong.

It's a very simple story, really.  My family was visiting my grandparents in Indiana, which is actually where I am right now.  Their next-door neighbors have two kids, the older being a girl roughly around my age.  (But definitely taller.)  She and I met when I was eleven and playing in my grandparents' sprinkler.  Since then, she and I have been sort-of pen pals and always hang out when I'm in the area.

Well, on this particular visit, she showed me how to climb the water tank in their yard and get into the tallest tree, which actually wasn't that tall - just tall enough that I couldn't reach it from the ground.  We climbed up there to get the cat out from the tree, and I realized how much I missed climbing trees.  (We had just moved back from Oki, where Nick was allergic to the tree sap, so tree-climbing had been prohibited.)  Well, we got down, but I decided to climb the other trees in the yard.

At one point, I scraped my leg on a pointy branch, but it didn't bleed enough to need even a regular Band-Aid, so I ignored it.

Then, as the slightest cut or blister tends to do on my skin, it took forever to heal.  At the time I was going through some sort of infection-phobia phase, so I put hydrogen pyroxide on it practically every day for several days.

Eventually, it finally healed up.  But, due partly to the sensitivity and chalky color of my skin and partly to my excessive use of the hydrogen piroxide, I was stuck with a scar.


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