Adventures, Travel, and the Amazing Feeling That Is Takeoff

As you read this, I am either on a plane or in an airport somewhere between Georgia and the tiny third-world island nation of Dominica, where I will be spending the rest of July, along with twenty-one other teenagers and five adults from my church. We'll be helping the Cornelius missionary family host a VBS-style summer camp for native children, as well as helping around the church with services, maintenance, and anything else they need.

Prayers for safety, no lost luggage, and no delayed/nonexistent flights (yes, that happened last time this trip was made) would be appreciated.

As for this here blog, I have one of my own posts and some guest bloggers scheduled. However, I'm not sure if I'll have any Internet access during the ten days, and if I do I may not have time to use it. Therefore, any comments/emails will have to wait until my return.

I'm very excited for this trip. A lot of people I know would call our mission team crazy for (a) flying on a plane (b) to a foreign country (c) that happens to be a third-world country (d) in the Caribbean. They might also think our group crazy for (e) not staying in a hotel or (f) living like the people there, including sleeping arrangements, food, showers, etc. But for a military brat who loves to read stories about two women who go on a cruise and end up driving halfway across Mexico alone to claim an old trailer left to them by some great-uncle... well, this is my idea of awesome!

Oh, and did I mention that it's been entirely too long since I stepped foot on a plane? *Sigh* I just love flying.


  1. Sounds exciting! You'll have to post pictures when you get back. (Pretty please?)

  2. Hi Anna! I'm back and I definitely plan to post photos soon :)


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