Capitol Costume

It's said that three is the perfect number, and everything comes in threes, and lots of other stuff about one of my favorite numbers.  Since I've written two posts about the Hunger Games (one a guest post and the other a list of my fave HG links), I thought it only fitting that I share one more.  :)

I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but my friend Ashlee, two of her classmates, and I decided to go to the premiere of the Hunger Games... until we discovered it was midnight on Friday as in Friday morning, not Friday night.  Sadly, we were unable to make the premiere - but we did go on Friday night!

The theater was packed, although I must say I'm glad we didn't go to Imax.  (That line... oh, that line! *shudders*)  We adored the movie, enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and spent the drive home discussing the story and debating Gale vs. Peeta.  (We also did a lot of explaining to Ashlee's mom, who had not read any of the books and missed a few parts to take a call and get soda refills.)

The thing that made the night so amazing, though, was my costume.  I was determined to go to the premiere of every HG movie and dress up for each one.  Of course, I decided that less than a week before the movie.  And, naturally, nobody wanted to dress up with me when we discovered we'd miss the actual premiere - but I wouldn't let that stop me!  Since I have a unique sense of fashion anyway, I picked a costume I could make from things I already owned.  Granted, it was definitely not the best I could do, but it was the best I could do without buying new stuff and spending hours getting ready.

I give you my amateur and last-minute Capitol look!


  1. :):) I LOVE HUNGER GAMES!!!!

  2. Hi HG fan! So do I :) If you click on the tag "Hunger Games" in the sidebar to the right on this blog, I link to several Hunger Games-related posts I like, as well as a HG guest post I wrote for a friend.


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