Interview At Geekly Chic

Imani, a girl new to the blogosphere, recently saw my interview at Wassup Girly? and contacted me to see if I'd be interested in doing something similar at her new blog, Geekly Chic.  Considering my contact page offers to post about/help out other bloggers/teenagers/writers, and said previous interview was the first time anyone took me up on the offer, I naturally said yes.  So today I invite all my lovely readers to welcome another new blogger, this time a teenager blogging about what's hot and what's not for geeky girls, to the web. :)

A note: I do not always endorse or support all content on the blogs I share or am interviewed at; however, I do my best not to recommend websites that I personally would not visit.  That said, the blogs I share are reflections of the blogger's opinions and not necessarily my own.


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