Saturday, July 7, 2012

Interview At Wassup Girly

Hello, my lovely readers!  This week I interrupt the 30 Day Challenge to make an announcement: another first has just occurred in this blogger's life and I felt I ought to share it with you!

I've been interviewed by the author of Wassup Girly? (pen name Pretty Kitty.)  She's just recently started up her blog and I thought y'all might visit and make her feel welcome to the blogosphere. :)

My interview:

A note: I do not always endorse or support all content on the blogs I share or am interviewed at; however, I do my best not to recommend websites that I personally would not visit. That said, the blogs I share are reflections of the blogger's opinions and not necessarily my own in every case.


  1. I think that this girl is a lovely blogger and the same goes for you as well :)

  2. Hi Imani! Thanks :)

    By the way, I received your emails ~ I just haven't had a chance to really look at them yet. Visiting relatives ten hours away kinda saps your free time. ;)


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