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Hi! My name is Katelyn Marie, I'm a friend of Emily's, and I'm guest blogging today! First off, thank you, Emily, for allowing me to write this post. I am really excited about this being my first guest post!

Anyway, my post is about once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I tried throughout the week to write about one life experience that was awesome and epic and something I'd never experience again. And, to tell the truth, I couldn't think of one.

Yep, my life is a bit normal. I've never been to another country, gone skydiving, gone zip lining, or... well, anything very exciting. But then it came to me: I could share my salvation story! After all, I could only be saved once. So . . . here it is:

The day had been sunny with just a nip of cold in the air, that January seventh. It was a Sunday, and I was very excited. I was only 4, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I wanted to be saved. I wanted to become a Christian. I wanted what my grandmother, aunt, and mother had. I continuously told my family that I would get saved that day. They each brushed it off, saying, "That's sweet Katelyn." Of course, I was the oldest child, and they had never dealt with a child wanting to be saved.

Anyway, as soon as we pulled up in the church's parking lot, I unbuckled my car seat. (Yes, I remember that.) I jumped out of the car and grabbed my mother's hand. Once we reached the door, I let go and ran inside. I ran right up to our pastor and said, "Pastor, I want to be saved." He looked at me strangely, but gestured to the lady in the back, Miss Robin, to take me into the back room.

Once we were in the small circular room, I sat on one of those fold-up chairs, and she on another. She asked me a few questions, and I answered them. She asked me if I knew I was a sinner, and if I knew why Jesus died. Of course I knew, and I answered. She asked me a few other questions, and then I prayed. I asked Jesus to save me and come into my heart. I asked him to protect me from the devil and wickedness, and to help me grow up and be who God wanted me to be.

When I finished my plea to God, I opened my eyes and felt a peace and joy wash over me. I was suddenly very happy and excited. I wanted everyone to know! I wanted to shout it to the world! And I did, for the most part. I flounced out of the room and skipped into the auditorium. I twirled and spun and skipped. The choir was already singing, which made me even more joyous, as my love for music has been almost as strong in that time as it is now.

There is not a day that goes by, or has ever been, that I regret that decision I made almost 10 years ago. I am happy that I made it when I was that young, and not when I was 20 or 30. It saves me a lot of heartache and trouble I would have to go through otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I still make mistakes, plenty of them. As the saying goes, "I'm not perfect, I'm saved!" The best decision of my life? Most certainly.

Well, that's my greatest (and most possibly only) once-in-a-lifetime experience! Thank you for giving me your dear time to read this! You can find me at The Life of a Teenage Writer. God bless!

Galatians 6:9 KJV
Katelyn M. Shear


  1. Well written! I remember singing in the choir and watching you walk back into church with a smile on your face twirling around. It was amazing!!

  2. Wow, Katelyn, what an amazing story! Very impressive guest post :)


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