One Lovely Blog Award

I recently shared that Sarah at Inklined nominated me for my first blog award.  Well, today I'm happy to tell you that my friends Katelyn and Becki have nominated me for my second!

It's called the One Lovely Blog Award, and I believe it was started by a teen writer whose name I don't know at This Page Intentionally Left Blank.

The Rules:

1. You have to thank the person who nominated you on their blog to receive your honor.
2. You have to tell 7 things about yourself!
3. You have to nominate 15 blogs and then tell them of their nomination!

Seven Things:
  1. I'm actually rather terrible at talking about random things, especially about myself.
  2. In case my lovely readers can't tell, my break from blogging ended semi-recently, and I've fallen in love with blogging yet again.
  3.  I love watching movies or television shows with subtitles on, especially when the subtitles say the soundtrack's lyrics rather than just the song titles and artist names.
  4. I have shared several random things about myself on this blog, including Things I'm Afraid to Tell You and The Game of Elevens (I invite other bloggers to read the latter and join in the fun!  It's never to late to play. :] )
  5. I plan to resume the A B See Photo Meme, which I pretty much abandoned after my blogging break, as soon as I finish the 30 Day Challenge.
  6. My obsession with socks, which I've mentioned once or twice on the blog, seems to have subsided.  My obsession with the combination of green and blue, on the other hand, has not.
  7. I am addicted to Pinterest.  You can follow me if you want.  I usually follow back. :)

As usual, I'm not much for nominating blogs. :\  After all, the majority of blogs I read are big professional websites.  Call me a horrible person, but I just don't have time to read many others.

However, I can still nominate the ones I do read and love.  I have only five to nominate, so my lovely readers can add to the list in the comments if they wish, and then go notify their own nominees. :)

Marcia at Enchanted Musings
AnnaKate at Because He Loves Me
Anna at The Daughter of the King
Bailey at Big House in the Little Woods
Rachel at rachelcoker


  1. From the teen writer whose name you don't know at This Page Intentionally Left Blank.

    For the record, I didn't start this award, it was just given to me by another blogger. I'm glad it's been passed on to some worthwhile blogs, however.

  2. Awwww. :) I appreciate it! THANK YOU!!! *hug*

    1. I love the "personal" side of things. To me, wedding/funeral services, blog posts, notes, talks, speeches - anything - is better if it is personal.

    2. I am SO...SO...SO thankful for Jesus Christ and his amazing love for me. Lately we have become SO much closer! I find that I love Him more and more as I learn more about His Love for me.

    3. I'm a fan of music - not always the kind on Cds and recordings, but the kind that comes from people who are truly worshipping the Lord. (Expressing joy, singing comfort to others, thankfully using their gifts for God.)

    4. I like to organize - though you wouldn't tell by looking at my closet right now!

    5. I used to want to be like one of those girls who have step A - Z planned out. What God has taught me, though, is that He wants me to wait on His leading - and the things that aren't planned are, sometimes, far more exciting than the things I would have come up with.

    6. I love to fix hair. Mine, my sisters', friends'... It's SO fun.

    7. I had better go put on those brownies my little sister asked me to make for supper!!!

    You like blue and green? I like the lighter versions of both of those colors. :)

  3. Liam, my bad. :P

    Anna, you're welcome! :) Ooo, can I have some brownies? :D

  4. Emily-

    thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog, and the great advice. I'm going to Completely agree with you when you say I need to work on the spelling. Though I think I'm pretty good at forming words in to sentences, I suck at spelling... and I didnt even notice I was posting so much at a time till u mention it. Thanks for the save!

    Looking forward to seeing your future posts!
    -Kristin M

  5. YES!! i would love to! how would I post myself on your blog though? Oh, and I'm trying to become your follower but the computer keeps tellying me "the site does not exist" or something... I dont get it...
    a very exited Kristin(:

  6. Kristen ~ Just email me using the contact page on the upper right side of this blog. :)

    Oh, and I recently changed the blog title from "Struggles of a (Maybe) Teen Author" to "Blog of a (Maybe) Teen Author." Sometimes Blogger features get all screwy when you change things. :\ I'll look into it though. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Thanks so much for tagging me! Unfortuantly, I can't do it. I've just been so busy. We have three extra little boys and I just can't keep up! thanks so much for thinking of me though, and I had fun reading about you! :D

  8. Hi marcia! That's fine. I certainly understand busy-ness. Oh, and I saw the photos of your three new little men on your blog. :D So cute!


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