The Sunshine Award

I'm a very lucky girl lately.  Katelyn from The Life of a Teenage Writer has nominated me for yet another blog award!

This one's called The Sunshine Award.

The Rules:
  1. List ten things that make you happy.
  2. Nominate three blogs that bring sunshine to your life and a smile to your face.
Ten Things:
  1. a slight breeze on a warm day
  2. eating ice cream with my family
  3. talking with my boyfriend on the phone
  4. going for a walk on a sunny may afternoon
  5. a watercolor sunset
  6. finding a little-known book in a used bookstore that turns out to be amazing
  7. watching a movie for the eighth time with a bestie
  8. collecting keychains from places i've been
  9. catching marshmallows on fire to make s'mores
  10. playing silly games like telephone or license plates with my brothers in the car

Rachelle of Inspiring Daring
Melanie of Only a Breath


  1. Thank you ever so much! That is so sweet of you!!!! :)


  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the award!


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