Teens Can Write, Too! Blog Chain: A Writer's Worldview

Some of my lovely readers may remember the character interview I posted a while back.  I actually wrote that as part of a blog chain.  Of course, I forgot to link to it!  Well, today I join the July prompt for the same blog chain, and I figure I'd better start with the link: http://teenscanwritetoo.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/july-2012-blog-chain/

This month's prompt: How has writing affected your perception of the world?

My friends say I use big words.

I read the phone book because I like hearing strangers' names and imagining their lives.

I took my sunglasses case out of my purse to make room for a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a rhyming dictionary.

My favorite pillowcase is an old, faded blue thing covered in Sharpie notes, book quotes, and friends' signatures.

I have entire conversations with my friends in my head.

My dreams from the night's sleep generally end up in a never-finished story.

I search stock photo websites for random pretty people to make up lives for.

The personalized Google ads on my laptop range from engagement rings to way-liberal colleges to birth control ads, because I've researched for stories about wedding planners, rebellious college students, and pregnant teenagers.

If I had a gift card to any kind of furniture store whatsoever, I would rearrange my entire room just to fit another bookshelf in here.

25% of the time, "I didn't sleep well last night" translates to "I got lost in a book/my Kindle/an audiobook and didn't go to bed until midnight."

Certain friends and I talk more about rescuing kangaroos from invisible Wal-Marts or breaking a murderer out of prison using the sewer system than we do manicures or homework assignments.

I can't give directions to my own house, but I know what my friend was wearing last time I saw her or the general layout of my church (which is a very large one).

I never set out to base characters off people I know - in fact, I work to avoid it - and, when reading over my rough draft, discover I've written several of my own relationships into the story anyway.

I have a total of one poster in my bedroom, and it's from a book series.

I have no sisters to raid my closet, but my three brothers are always raiding my bookshelf.

Because I have to know my characters well in order to write their stories realistically, I find I understand and relate to people in my own life better as well.

A sunset or cherry blossom tree, or anything else outside that comes within my vision, is in danger of becoming a poem.

I'm worse at photography than most people I know, but I'm so obsessed with the beauty around me that I snap five photos of the same tree branch.  Literally.

I never go to a bookstore alone, because whoever is with me ends up dragging me out so we can leave at a reasonable time.  It wouldn't be fair to the bookstore staff to have to deal with that.

Have any of you seen the movie where a pregnant teenager is abandoned in the middle of nowhere by her boyfriend?  She spent six months living in Wal-Mart by sneaking in right before they closed, hiding in the bathroom, and then sleeping in the camping display.  She'd set a few alarm clocks, get up before any employees came to open the store, and use a shower head from the store shelf to bathe in the bathroom sink.  After returning the shower head and alarm clocks to their shelves, she'd hide in the bathroom until Wal-Mart had been open long enough and leave like a normal shopper.
Let's just say if I'm ever homeless/stranded/abandoned, I'm living in Books-a-Million.
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  1. Nice post!

    I've read through quite a lot of your blog today, like 6 pages or so. I don't agree with all your stuff, but you're a pretty great writer, which matters more in my book. :P

  2. Hi Imani! It wasn't my favorite movie, but I did like the permise.

    Hello musings. Welcome to my corner of the world! (:

  3. Hello!

    I've created a holiday of sorts that is kind of goofy, and wondered if you would be interested in participating in it. Here's the link: http://musingsfromnevillesnavel.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/wear-the-shnorts/


  4. Hi again musings! It looks epic :D

  5. Also, I <3 <3 <3 that you mentioned Frindle! (Andrew Clements fan family lives here.)

  6. It's funny: when I was answering this question, I got so obsessed with writing a post on how writing changed my thinking that I didn't think to write things that changed because I write, like you did. Great post.

  7. Thanks Liam! Actually, I only wrote examples because I couldn't think of any other way to explain the change in me. I've been a writer since fourth grade and a reader since long before that. I can hardly remember *not* thinking like a writer!

  8. Yay! Andrew Clements is amazing. The Landry New and The School Story are cool because they're about kids who write, but my favorite is still Frindle. That last chapter when the Lone Granger gets that package is wonderful. :)

  9. Hey, nice comment. I enjoyed reading it. :)

  10. Musings: Those two are my favorites! :D I actually read Frindle after reading most of the others, and I thought it was nice but not his best. To each his own!

    Alexa: Glad to see you drop by again. :)

  11. Love this! You're so adorable. :]

  12. Hi Kristyn! Um... thanks? Haha, I don't generally do well with compliments, but I must say this one's a first.

  13. I was about to say the same thing that Liam has already said, so I will desist.
    I very much enjoyed reading this.

  14. Haha! I love your quirkiness!(Please dont take that as a insult!)

    I'm a REALLY young writer with a writing blog. Could you check it out and give me some suggestions on my writing in my comments box?


  15. Hello Keras! Thanks for dropping in :)

    Hi Kristin! I'll come visit right now. (:

  16. "I read the phone book because I like hearing strangers' names and imagining their lives."

    This made me laugh. Genius! So, uh, I have to ask... which name got the best life?

    And I really like this post. Unique and funny. Thanks for joining again! :)

  17. Honestly, John, I don't remember most of them! Although this one name I came across while addressing envelopes for a church event was probably the best of them...

    Oh, and there was an actual Charlie Brown. :D

  18. Yay, I'm not the only one who reads the phone book!

    Great post!

  19. Haha, hi Lily! Thanks for stopping in :)


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