Wear The Shnorts Day

Today is not a normal posting day, but today is the first Wear The Shnorts Day (aka WTS Day), a new official holiday created by Neville.  For details or explanations, you'll have to follow the links.  All I'm going to say is that it has to do with Frindle by Andrew Clements and is therefore a wonderful idea.  (My entire family adores Andrew Clements books.  I own all the ones we have, but I very rarely have them all in my possession, due to those strange boys raiding my shelves.)

In celebration of WTS Day, bloggers everywhere are posting photos of their favorite shnorts, or themselves wearing shnorts, or hideous shnorts - any photos involving shnorts, really.  So I give you a photo of me wearing the only non-swimwear shnorts I own:

No, that is not my house.  No, that hair's not natural.  It's usually about as straight as a ruler.
If any of my lovely readers would like to join in the celebration, just click on the badge to get started:


  1. Cool! Your shnorts probably go better with all kind of clothes than my favorite pair do... I need to post that soon!

  2. Hi musings! Yeah, they definitely go with a lot of stuff :) I wasn't actually going to get them (I'm not a shnorts person) but my Mom thought I needed them. :P


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