Fanfiction Contest Winner!

The first reader to correctly guess both what my fanfiction series was based on and how it was different from the original will win an ecopy of Cidney Swanson's new book, Saving Mars.

But nobody guessed both!

Actually, Becki Badger did, but she gave more than one possible ending, so that technically disqualified her.

That would make Lily our first guesser, but she didn't guess the ending.

Cidney, awesome person that she is, has agreed to just award both ladies with her ebook!

So congratulations, Lily and Becki!

To all my other lovely readers, my own review of Saving Mars will be posted a week from today, after I post two other reviews that have been sitting on my computer too long.


  1. Sweet! I look forward to reading Saving Mars. Thanks a bunch, Emily!

  2. Don't thank me, thank Cidney! She emailed me about her new book just when I was trying to come up with a new contest. :)


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