New Blog Design

I have a new blog design!  Last night I decided to simplify and change up several things.  The results are more suited to my and my personality, I think
What do you, my lovely readers, think?


  1. I love your new profile picture! Pick the design you like the most, though I must say, I really loved you old one.
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks; it was taken during last year's Prom Alternative with my youth group. As for my old blog design, I loved it too, but it didn't always load properly and I like to change things up every so often. :)

  3. It looks so cute! I love it! Sorry I've been kind of absentee this summer- super busy! Can't wait to get back in the regular swing of blogging :)

  4. Thanks Lydia! I totally understand swamped schedules. This school year is becoming the most laid-back I've had so far!

  5. What school year is this for you? This has for sure been my busiest! It's crazy, having to start worrying about college and the SAT and AP classes and all that jazz.

  6. It's my junior year. I'm just looking into PSAT and SAT and colleges too, but I was referring more to my actual classes and workload. Because I signed up for an insane (as in this-person-is-not-right-in-the-head) amount of classes and work during ninth grade, and only slightly less for tenth grade, I get to relax and take fewer classes this year and next. :)

    Although I'll probably end up working part-time next year and feel swamped anyway. :P So I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

  7. Haha, well that sounds like fun! I go to private school, so I have much (MUCH) less flexibility with my schedule, and I have to take the required courses for grade, and then I get to choose what level I want. I just have a lot on my plate, but at least everyone around me does to! I guess misery really does love company.

  8. I'm homeschooled, but we use a strict curriculum (compared to several other programs). Still, because I'm in high school, I can pick my own classes. It's rather complicated, but I'll try to explain:

    1. Student takes placement test.
    2. Student and/or student's parent(s) request class(es) they specifically want.
    3. CLASS (program I'm using) builds student's curriculum, giving them the class(es) requested if their test scores show they're ready, and building the rest of their curriculum based on test scores.
    4. Student and parent(s) receive the year's books and teacher materials in a box.

    In elementary and middle school, there are few subjects with a choice involved, but you can always request to do use a book not listed under CLASS. You may or may not get it. In high school, you can choose all or none of your classes - up to you! There's minimum (4) and maximum (7.5) credits for each year, as well as a minimum of certain credits (22 total) that are required for graduation. But, say you're looking to go into teaching or engineering? You can taillor your own curriculum to that - they even have several recommended curriculum breakdowns for different career/college paths.

  9. Yeah, I sort of get it, like you take a placement test, then they suggest classes for you, and you choose your classes based on what you were placed in and what you want to take?

    My school is...sort of different from regular schools. We have like the classes we have to take in the next year (i.e. US History and Chemistry), and then we take a recommendation from our teachers and what we think we can handle to choose the level of class. We have CP (college-prep, like the regular, most basic level), honors and AP versions of most of our classes.
    Also, we're a technology school, so we use computers in our classes, which is really helpful and awesome!

  10. Yeah, something like that :)

    Computers in class? Sounds almost like homeschool! haha, just kidding.

  11. It does! You get sidetracked sometimes, but then you're like, oh, yeah, Chemistry... haha


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