TD.12 (Photos)

Read A Summary, Part One; A Summary, Part Two; Lessons Learned; and Dominica vs. America.

the campsite we stayed on and ran for the dominicans

the view of the ocean and campsite from the main building

a lizard we found in the bushes by the main building

christa and ashlee eating a coconut on our first day

kimberly (one of the missionary family's children), me, and adina (the camper in our cabin)

these red flowers were found on bushes all around the main building

ricky, the deaf camper, and axel, his interpreter and teacher

the main building, set up for breakfast

kurwington and danielle

my brother eddie, jonathan, and david

me holding the puppy that hung around camp and became our team dog. he had several names throughout the week, but we ended up settling on squirt

from left: joy, me, christa, david, and shane

morning chapel

ricky and me

green team playing human hurdle

white and gold teams playing headspin

green sisserous' team photo (top row - from left: axel, jeremiah, abraham, zach, spred, kendall, kimberly, ricky. bottom row: daniel, me, katie, danielle, adina.  sitting in front: audra and kurwington.)

me holding caleb, the "american baby" (he was born july 4)

girls' hike

view on the girls' hike

girls' hike

me with heat exhaustion after the girl's hike (from left: mrs. bartow, jonathan, adina, zach)

fun night: adina and alex, as well as two other pairs, stacking baby blocks on a plate balanced on her head

fun night: country ear wash skit

fun night: pencil salesman skit

a roadside stand we passed

the corneliuses' home

hiking from the corneliuses' house to a waterfall

eddie climbing the waterfall

the view on the waterfall hike

me on a canoe in a sort of outdoor exhibit of carib culture (the campsite and corneliuses' home are located near the carib territory)

mr. cornelius explaining about noni, a smelly plant used medicinally

squirt chewing audra's foot

the corneliuses' church auditorium

ashlee and andrew on the beach

audra and me on the beach

kimberly's and my sandcastles

pastor smith buying ice cream

from left: jeremiah, zach, and eddie in a restaurant in the antigua airport

from left: me, amanda, logan, and hannah killing time in an antigua airport gift shop


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