TD.12 (A Summary, Part Two)

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July 27
6:17 AM  Adina and I get up for the sunrise to see only a golden glow through all the clouds.  The world is wet and it rains again.

11:25 AM  More rain, camp games, and Dominicans using my camera.  They love taking photos!

11:34 AM  Notes from CLS about purity and modesty.

5:58 PM  I try more new foods before going on the hike, which became quite an adventure - I mean that sarcastically - for me.  That will have to wait for its own blog post.

8:11 PM  Notes from evening service about sin.

July 28
7:54 AM  A testimony I share in chapel based off the previous day's afternoon events.

9:23 AM  Notes from chapel about how we might fail as we leave camp and return to everyday life.

12:00 Noon  "Gold team officially won, but then we found out there was some confusion regarding memory verses, so green team actually had more.  Anyway, I got to keep the green team's progress marker from the map of the island."  Taped underneath is a laminated green paper bird.

1:50 PM  Pastor Smith is eating dark chocolate and gives me a piece if I promise not to tell.

10:26 PM  I hold a cry-fest over some personal issues before the team heads to the Corneliuses' house for a hike to a waterfall, a game of soccer, calls to home, and homemade pizza.  (The campers went home around noon, but I forgot to mention that in my journal.)  Hannah Psyk, Amanda, Jeremiah, and I play card games and almost get left behind since we're in a different room than everyone else.  Andrew and Ashlee are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and the water tanks are back to normal so the plumbing works now.

July 29
8:25 AM  "We have a team dog!  He's a light brown puppy with chihuahua ears and a German Shepherd look.  All the dogs on the island have the same outline and distinctive ears.  This one's had five names.  I first found him in the kitchen and named him Brownie.  Then Deyn, one of the Dominican boys, found him and named him DJ (Deyn Jr.)  The dog ran off and came back a couple days later.  Logan saw him and named him Wimpy.  He came into my cabin and we gave him a sheet for a bed and a ball for a chew toy - he made of mess of the foam and slept right outside our door.  This morning he joined everyone at breakfast and we officially named him Chewbacca for his more than a little chew-happy personality."  (After this entry, he was finally and permanently renamed Squirt.)

9:01 AM  The team has group devotions and prayer, and I discover that Danielle learned unselfishness by lending me a towel when mine was soaked in the rain.

9:16 AM  I write out a prayer.

11:21 AM  Notes from morning church service about faithfulness and Daniel.

1:51 PM  I talk about Eric, the Corneliuses' two-year-old, as well as the post-service potluck, a little boy named Nathaniel, and another dog around the camp that we named Rufus.

8:13 PM  Notes from team challenge about treasuring Jesus.

July 30
10:57 AM  Yesterday: naps after church and lunch, followed by a good conversation with Audra about friends and talent and jealousy.  The team Skypes with the church back in Georgia before having a team challenge with singing and a graduate edification project.  We all play Mafia then and Danielle and I sing Disney and Sound of Music in the showerhouse.  Today: eggs and sausage breakfast before driving to Portsmouth, only to find that the river boat tour we were planning to take (and see the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 swamp set) is closed due to weather.  So we drive to Roseau, the capital city.

12:22 PM  Notes about the details one notices when one spends several days with the same group of people.

my journal after the trip
8:07 PM  I talk about our day of being tourists: lunch at KFC.  Souvenir shopping.  A beach with black volcanic ash sand.  Swimming in the ocean. (Just me and the Cornelius kids.  Everyone else stayed up by the shore.)  Dinner at a Roseau hotel.  Brizee's supermarket.  Awesome ice cream.

July 31
11:16 PM  I write one final entry about our smooth but very long day of travels, some personal issues that came up during camp, and a comparison between Dominica and America.  I'll post that soon.


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