An Announcement!

 Three months can be a long time, but I like to get a head start on things when it comes to schedules and my blog.  So, today I have an announcement:
Exactly three months from today, Blog of a (Maybe) Teen Author's second annual Blog Party will begin!

The annual Blog Party is a time of contests -
giveaways -
guest posts -
author interviews -
and lots of mingling with new people!
But, in order to have all of this, we need giveaway and contest sponsors.  We need bloggers and authors to guest post.  And we need authors to interview!
So if you're a blogger who'd love to join us -
an author willing to be asked crazy questions or giveaway a book -
 an artist looking to spotlight your Etsy shop -
or someone who knows such a person -
email me at and I'll gladly put you on the schedule!

To all my lovely readers, it'd be a great help if you'd spread the word and share a button!

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  1. I'd love to help with the posting part, if you like!

    - Me. ;)

  2. I have an Idea for a post, do u want me to send it to you by email?

  3. Thanks for inviting me to do it! it means a lot!

  4. Hey Kirstin! Sure, you can email it to me :)

  5. Anna, thanks for the email! I'll contact you. :)


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