My Writing Notebook

Most writers have either a writing notebook or a writing bulletin board.  All I have is a box under my bed of stuff from elementary/middle school and files on my computer from high school.  So, one day a long while ago, I decided to get a bulletin board.

Being the way I am, I went for the biggest one.  Therefore, we were limited in where it would fit on my bedroom walls.  This led to it hanging above my bed instead of my desk and becoming a sort of collect-all for random papers, like movie tickets, class notes or notes to self, postcards, library papers, drawings from kids I babysit, and the like.  It's nice to have a place to put all of these, but the idea of its being used for writing quickly vanished.

Several months later, at my church's annual Father-Daughter Banquet (a very formal event), I won a pink polka-dot magnet board with four cute butterfly magnets.  (We won't mention how unladylike it is to be the first daughter of eight contestants to swallow a Reese's cup and whistle into a microphone.  Suffice it to say that I won "a game.")  Well, I was planning to make this into a writing board, but that didn't quiet work out either.  It *is* used for collecting notes and thoughts for future blog posts...

So recently I was walking through the store and looking at all the clearance and spotlighted school supplies.  I've always been a sucker for new notebooks, highlighters, ink pens, sharpeners, calculators! Folders!  Binders!  Oh, the glorious supplies aisle!

Ahem, as I was saying.  I will take any excuse to buy said supplies.  So I decided to make a writer's notebook and buy a binder, file folders, and two actual folders.  (As well as markers and a notebook I later returned.)  That night I watched a movie on my laptop while decorating the cover of my binder.  The result?  An actual writer's notebook I fully intend to use.  I even printed off notes from my current WIPs to put in the folders!


  1. That is really nice! I bought a leathery type writer's notebook a few weeks back that I use for story ideas and fanfictions I write. I really like your blog and I hope you take the time to read mine. You can find me at :)

  2. Hello Book Critic! Welcome! I'll be sure to visit your blog this afternoon. :)

    I love leather notebooks. They feel rather valuable and nostalgic, and they make me think of the greats like Lewis Carroll or C.S. Lewis. (If I had a pen name, it would involve Lewis.)


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