The Fantastic Blog Award

Nearly two weeks ago, Sarah from Inklined and Critic from The Book Critic awarded me with The Fantastic Blog Award!
(Speaking of Sarah, don't forget to enter her Teen Ten Page writing contest for a chance to win a ten-page critique from yours truly!)
Let me first say I'm sorry it took me this long to post about it. *penitent face*
And now, the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and tag them.

2. Ask the next person five questions and answer the five questions given to you.

3. Award five new people.

4. Always post the rules! ;)

Sarah's Questions:
1) What was your favorite part of blogging? I just enjoy sharing my thoughts and words with others.  That's why I started blogging, and that's why I keep at it.  Lots of bloggers are authors trying to build a platform (which could, I'll admit, be me someday), or bloggers who make money through the ads and promotions on their blogs, or businesses trying to garner attention for their products.  While they end up with posts classified as more helpful than mine at times, and while they have the large followings and inboxes full of fan mail, I prefer to simply put myself out there and let those who connect with me enjoy the smaller, one-on-one feel of my site.

2) What are some of your favorite blogs? Actually, you can see all the blogs I follow and read regularly on my page: Blogs I Read.

3) Are there any blogs you follow that have really huge followings? Several, yes.  I won't list all of them, but some examples would include my real-life friend Kathryn's blog (Singing Through the Rain) and the Books & Such Literary Agency's blog.

4) What's your favorite subject to read in? Write in? Being the teen I am, I mostly read
young adult, although I read some Christian romances for women.  Within YA, I like to read contemporary, dystopian, and fantasy/fairy-tale (plus some speculative).  I don't have a favorite genre to write so much as one I'm best at, and that would be general contemporary YA.

5) If you could interview one author on your blog, who would you pick? I've reviewed several authors already, but I'm going to assume you mean more like the huge, best-selling, untouchable authors that are too busy to accept all the bloggers who invite them.  (That sounds pessimistic, I know.)  I would have to choose from one of the authors I've already invited for my blog party.  Surprisingly, I've only gotten one "sorry, no time" response (which means we'll be having some awesome authors at the party!!).  It was from Shannon Hale, so since Suzanne Collins is unreachable to all media, I'll go with Shannon.  Her Books of Bayern series is absolutely amazing.
Critic's Questions:
1. What was the last book you read? Was it good? Right now I'm reading a trilogy written by a Keren David and published in England.  It's pretty good so far; I must say it's very interesting to notice all the little differences between modern-day American and English works.  Even punctuation is different!  I won't say any more, though, because I'm planning to review the trilogy when I'm done. ;)
2. What was the last blog you read? What do you think of it? I get quite a few blog posts through email, so I can't really say which one I've read most recently... all of them are good, though.  I only subscribe with my email to blogs I really, really like and can't stand to miss one post from.
3. What are your favourite tv shows? I love the old CBS shows Christy and Beauty and the Beast.  Shows still running that I watch would be Psych and Once Upon a Time.  I don't watch many television shows, but I adore these!
4. What is your favourite genre of book to read? See Sarah's question #4.
5. Did you like reading in primary/elementary school? Oh yes.  I loved it!  I was actually ahead of my class in reading in first grade, so while they worked in the reader I was reading Junie B. Jones and Johnny Appleseed biographies. :)
Bloggers I'm Tagging:
Kristin from K's Journal
Becki from Being Becki
AnnaKate from Because He Loves Me
 Jessica from Diary of a Beautiful Soul

My Questions for the Nominees:
1. Favorites: song, music artist, color, food, season.
2. Why do you blog?
3. If you could spend 24 hours with any one person from history, anyone at all, who?  The catch: you can't tell anyone from the past who you are or anyone from the present where you went/who you met.
4. Tell us the two fashion/clothing things you hate most.
5. Now you have to wear one of them.  Which will it be?


  1. Great post! Congratulations on two nominations.

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks :)

    Katelyn, you're very welcome (:

  3. Thaaaaannnk you!!!!!

    My first blog award!! This is awesome! Thanks so much for the nomination!!!!!!!!!


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