The Law of Fetucide

It's been a while since I talked about abortion and the pro-life cause, although it's a fight that's close to my heart.  Recently, a lady at church told me about some local news she'd caught and thought I might want to share with you, my lovely readers.

A man in Henry County, Georgia, ran over his pregnant 27-year-old girlfriend in his pickup truck.  Police arrested him and charged him with felony murder and fetucide.  Being as involved with the pro-life cause as I am, I was a little surprised to hear such a charge existed.  Fetucide?  Is that new?  But I looked it up, and apparently it's a real law in Georgia.

Fetucide as defined by Georgia law basically means any unborn child being intentionally killed without legal justification by hurting the mother or being intentionally killed while their killer commits a felony.

So, a doctor does an abortion.  His justification is that the baby's unwanted (the parents can't afford kids/another kid, the situation involves a single or teen mom, the parents want a different gender, etc.).  According to the doctors, abortion does not hurt the mother.  And sometimes it doesn't - not physically, anyway.  But it always affects them deeply psychologically, and there are more cases of physical problems than abortionists will admit.  In conclusion, a man kills an unborn child on scant-but-legal justification and maybe without harm to the mother.  He's innocent.

This Henry County man runs over the mother and gets charged with what's essentially two different kinds of murder.  Right now, officials aren't even sure if the deaths were intentional or accidental, but either way this situation doesn't sit right with me.

How does any of this make sense?  Why does one man kill a baby and get called a doctor, while another man kills a baby and gets called a criminal?  It's so twisted.


  1. I saw an article on facebook about how some people want to make infanticide legal. What? So stupid. If you go to all that trouble to give birth, why not just give it up for adoption?
    I remember when I was younger, there was a big deal over some pregnant woman being murdered by her husband, and he was charged with two counts of murder. So, according to some people, whether or not it's human hinges on if the mother wants it?

  2. Hi Allison. This is why I find the whole issue so frustrating. The logic is nonexistant!

  3. I agree that the logic here is very twisted. I am very pro life - In 7th grade, I used to get in big arguments with a friend since she believed that until a baby was out, it could be aborted. I wore a pro life pin to school and was brought to the principal for a "chat", and told that I could take off the pin "or else" >:( Yeah, it stinks. It's so stupid for a parent to be like "Oh darn, it's a boy - I wanted a girl!" Or vice versa so they have an abortion. I'm not sure how I feel about abortion in the case of a raped teen, though.

  4. Sarah, you're absolutely right. I'm curious about your comment on rape, though. Age of the mother aside, how is it right to blame the child for the father's wrong? If you're thinking is more along the lines of "the mom will have to live with this reminder," I have two comments: 1, when you talk to actual moms of children resulting from rapes, they rarely to never actually feel that way. Even kids that look just like their fathers often don't remind their moms of that at all. 2, in the event the mom *does* feel that way, adoption is always an option.

  5. I don't agree with abortion either, but it's the choice of the individual. I can voice my opinion, but there's no reason to get on their backs about it. But that's a sad story. A man killed his wife--the sister of a guy I know--and she was seven months along. It's sad and messed up. Sucks that there are people like that.

    I came to your blog because I saw you were a teen writer and I'm one too! Not sure how old you are, but I'm eighteen. Nice to meet you! It's nice to see a teen out there with a level head on her shoulders and a desire to do something with her life. Nice to meet you, Emily. Or should I call you Emily Rachelle? :D I'm Jaz.

  6. That was incredible, Emily, you're so right! I'm pro-life as well. I think it's shameful that teenage girls demand rights to have abortions when they're foolish enough to sleep around with numerous men. What do they expect from sex? On a side note, it's disgraceful that babies have become 'objects' that you can either buy or throw out. Babies are not a novelty trinket toys! Television and the media glamorize the whole 'have a baby' situation. The truth is that caring for a baby is hard work. And babies, in every way, are people with personalities, spirit and soul... not 'half elvoved animal-like fetuses' like the doctors so claim. Disgusting! I think that when it comes to accidental pregnancy or even rape, adoption is your best option. I'm not completely sure. We just have to be careful, as girls, on where we stand and how vulnerable we are. Anyway, I'm going to end my little rant! Great post!

  7. Hey Jaz! I understand what you're saying about individuals' opinions. If it were a matter of opinion, then I probably would be a little less vocal on it. But abortion isn't about opinions. The Lord tells us in His Word quite clearly that it's wrong, and we have no say in the matter, regardless of our opinions.

    I know that sounds harsh. With abortion, I would still feel the same way if it *were* a matter of opinion. But take, for example, homosexuality. That, too, is clearly taught to be a sin in the Bible. Health concerns aside, I don't always understand that. To be completely transparent, there are days when I wonder why God made marriage to be only one man and one woman. But it's not up to me or my opinions to say whether that's right or wrong - God tells us in the Bible what is and is not right, and we must either obey Him or sin.

    I'm glad to meet a fellow teen writer, although I'm afraid my beliefs might rock your opinion of me after this. If not, then I welcome you to read my blog and voice your thoughts, although I don't promise to always agree or keep from arguing. :)

    Hi Jessica! As you can see, rants are tolerated and occasionally even promoted here, so no worries. :) Welcome to my blog!


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