I'm Thankful For...

~cranberry sauce
~free sunday afternoons
~my laptop
~a pretty room
~nail polish
~online writing communities
~lip balm
~october in georgia
~blogger. gmail. google translate.
~critique partners
~html code
~library cards
~quality ink pens
~postal workers
~spray-on detangler
~double-sided tape
~large purses
~hot glue gun
~long walks in spring, wax paper, and heavy books
~inanimate, unconcious plastic
~air conditioning
~fuzzy blankets
~hot chocolate
~chocolate frosting
~chocolate truffles
~dipping chocolate melts
~all other chocolate
~bath&body works signature sets
~cheap long-distance phone service
~refillable water bottles
~pretty jewelry
~used book stores
~scrapbook paper
~favorite childhood movies
~amazing soundtracks
~really good dreams
~facebook freebies
~movies as good as their books
~yellow houses
~ice cream
~nights with a parent all to yourself
~blog giveaways
~long pillows
~fluffy cats
~beach vacations
~free samples
~old dolls


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