Thursday, November 15, 2012

My NaNo: Supporting Characters

This month is dedicated entirely to NaNoWriMo, since that's what I'm furiously working on as you, my lovely readers, enjoy these posts.  Today I was planning to introduce and interview Beila's family, but since she already told us a good deal about them, I thought I'd tell you about the other characters.  I can't find them to request an interview, but I *can* share the little information I have on them.

Francis III, Duke of Brittany
Born to King Francis I and Queen Claude, Francis was the first royal son and heir to the French throne when he mysteriously disappeared in August 1536 at only eighteen years of age.  The creatures in the tunnel seem to be connected to this long-ago event, and the man himself, somehow... but Beila will have to figure that mystery out herself.
The first person who, after much searching, Beila finally discovers in the tunnels. But who is this mute young girl? Where did she come from and why is she here?

Unnamed Prince
A man without a name.  All Beila knows is that he, too, is connected to this prince and these tunnels - and that she just might love him.  But how is she to be with a man that she only sees in her dreams - literally?
Louna's young mother, a shy, quiet widow without many friends.  She befriends Beila, though, in her way.  Beila can tell the woman is despairing, but why?  Of what?

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