Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My NaNo: A Terrible Creature

This month is dedicated entirely to NaNoWriMo, since that's what I'm furiously working on as you, my lovely readers, enjoy these posts. Today I'm bringing... another character to introduce to you.  He's a bit unique, although very dear to my heart.  Quite possibly one of my favorite characters, he's not actually human.  Just go ahead and read on to see what I mean.

Griffin.  Gryphon.  Gryffin, griphon, gryphin.  Pick your preference - mine's gryphon, but for my story I'm going with the more modern and common spelling of griffin.


Think of everything you know about these noble creatures of strength and honor.  Now forget it.  This griffin is nothing like those, and it's not at all his fault.


The only thing Beila knows is that a horrible beast rages through the tunnels at night, and the invisible beings are terrified of it.  However, when she finally finds the villagers that live in this strange world, they're convinced he's a cursed man they once knew - and Beila's not only the single person who can calm him, but she's also his only hope of salvation.


She's sure they're insane and naturally refuses to go anywhere near such a dangerous animal.  However, she ventures out in the tunnels during the safety of day to find... something.  Anything to pull together the few pieces she has of a complex puzzle involving the griffin, the invisible beings, the lost prince, the villagers, the man from her dreams, the tunnels - and her.


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