My NaNoWriMo Pinspiration, Week Three

This month, I'm working on NaNoWriMo, so all posts will be writing-, story-, or Nano-related and written a month before they're posted. Thanks for understanding, and I hope you enjoy the Pinspiration posts replacing The Pinterest Report for November.
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  1. Like the second picture.
    The part on it that says to not insist on writing a novel in order of reading is something I have such a difficult time on! I'm so persistent on writing in order that I rush through a section to get to the one I really want to get to.
    Keep up the good work my fellow Nanowrimoer! :)

  2. Hey Emma! Yeah, I used to do that too. But instead of learning to skip around, I learned to be patient (both when writing and when reading!) and get through the slow parts Waiting for the good parts makes them even better!

    So I still prefer writing everything in order, although I skip around occasionally when I'm really stuck.


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