My NaNoWriMo Writing Application

This month is dedicated entirely to NaNoWriMo, since that's what I'm furiously working on as you, my lovely readers, enjoy these posts. Today I'm talking about the application I'm using this year for writing my NaNo without worrying about computer crashes, forgetting to save my work, and other such tragedies.

I'm one of those writers - the writers who are very much in-the-loop and part of the online writing community.  I follow the blogs, comment on the forums, and participate in the social media groups.  One topic of writers' conversation is writing applications and software.  We talk about what we write with on our computers (Open Office, Notepad, Microsoft Word, etc. - I use Wordpad.)  We also tlak about online stuff we write in to prevent losing our work in the event of computer failure (Google Docs is a big one.)

I never used any of them, not because I didn't think they'd be useful (I've lost a good hour of writing to computer problems) but because I thought it'd be too much of a pain to transfer all the stuff I already have on my computer and learn how to use the program.  (I hate learning how to use new software or tech toys.)

I was an idiot.

While reading some old posts on the Young Writer's Program NaNo forums, I discovered something called Yarny.  The people talking on the forums already knew what it was, but I didn't, so I Googled it.  Lo and behold, it is pretty much the most simple, easy-to-use writing software I've ever seen.  I always liked this other free software I'd seen before that helps you organize all your notes and writing, but it looked too complicated for me to learn.

screenshot of Yarny with intro bubbles

Yarny is so easy to use!  Three places for notes and one place for story, with completely separate files for each story.  Online storage of my work and notes.  Automatic saving.  I'm in love!

Now, Yarny is still a very new thing and I'm still a newbie to it myself.  But I can say that I will recommend this to any writers talking about software and continue to use it for my stories.


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