Christmas Contest!

I'm really excited about today, my lovely readers, because I'm finally getting to try something on this blog that I've planned for a while - a contest!

Who: Anyone, from any country, follower or non-follower, all ages.

What: Christmas talent contest!

When: Today through midnight, December 27.

Where: Email all entries to newyorksnowflake (at) gmail (dot) com. No attachments, please.  All entries must be in the body of the email.

How/Rules: Send me any photo, scanned/photographed artwork, poem, story, song, etc. that is original and PG- or G-rated.  You may enter multiple forms of work (i.e, a photo and a story), but you may not enter more than one of the same format (i.e, two stories).  Each entry must be a separate email.  Stories must be 300 words or less.  (I'll be a bit lenient for a few words over, but please respect my time and do your best to stick to that limit.)  Since this is a Christmas contest, entries must be winter or holiday themed.  Accepted holiday themes include Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, and Kwanzaa.

Prize: Depending on how many entries I receive, and how varied the entries are, the number of winners will vary.  I will either divide the entries into categories (stories, poems, photos, etc.) and choose one winner from each; OR I will simply choose three-five winners from all the entries.  The winners will have their work published here on my blog during this party.

Entry Format:

[Subject line of email must read "Christmas Contest Entry"]

First name and last name or initial:

Website (blog, Deviant Art,, YouTube, etc. - optional):

Entry Category:

[Entry in body of email]

Spread the word and good luck!


  1. Crap! XD I would've LOVED to enter the contest! Sadly, I'm 12. :P But in April I'll turn 13! Just missed it! ;P

  2. Sorry Violinist! :( I'd make it open to all ages, but you know how tricky the legalities can get online...

  3. Define 'winter themed.' If writing a story can it be about anything but during winter? Also, can it be a fanfiction?

  4. Hi Rebekah! Yes, winter-themed just means set in or revolving around winter - say, an ice skating competition or a first date in January.

    And really, I'd prefer to stick with 'original' meaning not fanfictions. That decision is based less on copyrights and more on the fact that there are a lot of popular books/movies/shows out there that either I've never read/seen or that I don't approve of. I'd really like to avoid people using an entry on a fanfiction that I don't understand or that I or my family disapproves of. It wouldn't be fair to the entrants and their skills.

  5. Okay, just wanted to know! Now I just need to come up with a plot *Dons thinking Fez*.

  6. Oh. My. Word.

    Fez? You said fez.

    So I'm going to stick by my previous comments on no-fanfiction-entries, but I am totally willing to read a Doctor Who fanfiction in my own free time, non-contest-related. Assuming, of course, that's what you meant by fez.

  7. O.O
    I did not think anyone would get that reference. Hello fellow Whovian!!! :D
    Okay, so I'll try and come up with an original. Shouldn't be that hard ;)

  8. Yay! Now to think of something to enter.... xD Will you accept a graphic design?

  9. Rebekah, I'm actually a new Whovian ^.^ Pinterest convinced me to start it and... well, you know. ;) But I watch it on Netflix so I'm a season behind :( Plus we don't get BBC One so I can't catch up when they do reruns or watch the Christmas special. I've been driving my brothers nuts with all my Whoisms and inside jokes, but they like all the cool Who stuff I showed them for sale at BAM.

    Emily, yes, a graphic design counts :)

  10. Epicly awesome. Yeah, wait until you watch Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Possibly my favorite Eleventh Doctor episode ;D


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