Daring and I {guest post}

Today my good friend and fellow blogger Rachelle is sharing a few thoughts on her favorite word.  She didn't know this at the time, but I'm planning to join in a new trend for resolutions this year: one word.  (See more about this at www.oneword365.com) Her description of the word 'daring' contains many thoughts that One Word participants often share in relation to their word each year.

The first reason I like this word so much is because it scares me.


It floats from my mouth and either falls to the floor or lifts up and flies. Maybe I also like it because it is so much like me. I feel like so often I either melt into the crackling leaves and dirt beneath...or I move air beneath me and fly.

Call it being an introvert. Call it being a writer. Call it being an INFJ who wants "to change the world without being noticed." Call it whatever I like, that is me. That is me.

The second reason I like this word so much is because it inspires me.

Mary was daring when she said she was willing. Moses was daring when he said that he'd obey (even though it took him a while). Esther was daring, too, when she decided her life wasn't as important as making her plea, taking her stand.

Will I be as daring as they? Will I say I am willing? Will I say I will speak for those who cannot speak for themselves? Will I make my plea in prayer, take my stand on my knees?

There is only one way I can and that is by taking the hand of the One who knows me better than I know myself. He has my life laid before Him. He sees it all like a quilt draped lovingly over a bed, not as single squares--that is my view, by necessity and too often by choice.

So I stand here at the top of a hill, my favorite word floating from my mouth. Will it fall or will it fly? Will I? Can I trust Him with every square of this quilt, every single one?

Yes, yes, I can.

Because I dare.

Rachelle Rea is a Christian homeschool graduate currently studying communications in college.  She adores words - both reading them and writing them - and whimsical things like full skirts or peach roses.  You can visit her at her blog, Inspiring Daring.


  1. Emily, you are a gem. :)

    I'm choosing one word this year, too! I wrote a post about that for MOHL (it will go live on Jan. 7th).

    And that bio you wrote for me is beautiful. :) Thank you.

  2. Hey Rachelle :) So this probably shows how much time I spend on wedding blogs... but even though I know that's not what it means, every time I see MOHL I think "maid of honor - oh, a typo."

  3. I love this as your favorite word! I always think of how I don't like the term "conservative" for Christians. I don't want to be conservative. I want to be passionate about things that are good and things that are light, be liberal with truth and love. I love how you've taken the idea of "daring" as an active role to serve Christ. I love it!

  4. Joanne, I've never thought of that before! (Probably because my dad loves Fox News.) But I agree with you. :)


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