Giveaway Winners

Today I don't have a guest blogger, author to interview, or witty and charming post by yours truly to share with you, my lovely readers.  I do, however, have some announcements to make: winners!  Namely, who will take home the Etsy presents and eggless recipe.

First off, the winner of one Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit hand-drawn moleskin is...


Bethany Baldwin!

Next we have the winner of a surprise gift from Space Pearls...


Nichole Adkins-Bentley!

And finally, the next great baker privy to an exclusive Cookery Expressions eggless recipe is...


Michelle Gilliland McAfee!

Congratulations to all of today's winners!  I'll be emailing you and the wonderful women who sponsored these giveaways about obtaining your presents.  To those of you who didn't win, don't lose heart!  I still have plenty of gifts under my tree to share... check back in regularly so you don't miss out!


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