Pinterest Art Winners

Today's another day for announcements - of the winners of Pinterest projects by me!  Let's jump right in.

The winner of one crayon wax piece is...


Emily Van Eaton!

The winner of one sticker quote canvas is...


Sara Wicks!

The winner of one hot glue quote canvas is...


Kelley Roach!

And the winner of a set of hand-painted floral glass jars is...


Miranda la Barge!

Congratulations ladies!  I'll be emailing you to get your mailing information.  However, since I'm currently in Indiana on a last-minute Christmas vacation, your prizes won't be mailed until I get back in early January.  Thanks for your patience!

If you didn't win, don't worry!  There's still a few weeks left in our party, and I'm not out of presents yet ;)


  1. I enjoy your blog and have followed it. I invite you to follow my blog

  2. Hi Ruth! :D It's so great to see you here! When I saw your comment, I knew I recognized your name... turns out I visited your blog during NaNo, when you made that awesome cover for my Beauty and the Beast rewrite story. (By the way, I thought I'd followed it back then - I have now.)

    As life would have it, I only made halfway in NaNo this year, but that was still pretty great for me. I see that you won. Congrats!


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