The Pinterest Report: DIY Sea Glass Look

Week Eight: DIY Sea Glass Look
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sea glass paint

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Google+ Photos: DIY Vintage Colored Glass

The Test:

You'll Need: Elmer's Glue (poster used white glue-all, I used white school glue), food coloring (poster used Wilton's, I used McCormick in blue), clean dry glass

What to do: In a small, stain-resistant container, squeeze out a small amount of glue.  Mix in a few drops of food coloring at a time until you reach the color you want.

Then, using a soft paint brush, paint your glass object.  The poster used candlesticks while I used a cherry grenadine bottle that had some pretty leaf designs and the brand name on it.

While the painting was fun, the glue mixture was a little lumpy at times and the results weren't much like the photo.  My glass looks foggier and you can make out the brush strokes, plus the texture makes me worry that a little scratch will peel the paint.  Also, as noted in the original source, the glue will come off with washing.

In all, I'd say this is a great idea and fun for younger kids, but if you really want a sea glass look, you might want to try something else - or experiment with different types of glue or coloring.

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  1. Great idea! I've been thinking how to do a DIY sea glass, since I just moved out to a new home which is far from the coastline. Thanks for this!


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