The Deed Is Done {My Very First Vlog! Sort Of}

I didn't post about this because I still had party stuff to take care of, plus lots of new OneWord365 posts to share with you.  So this actually happened two weeks ago.  But regardless of when it happened, I did it.

I got a second ear piercing.

When I chose to live out dream this year, I knew I'd want to keep an eye on my bucket list and see what dreams of mine I could complete.  As my birthday came up and I couldn't think of anything I wanted, I decided to pick a couple activities that would cost a little money and would make good birthday presents.  One of these was "get a second ear piercing."

I have one set of regular holes from when I was a few months old.  One thing you, my lovely readers, should understand is that I'm not a normal girl when it comes to jewelry.  I can't wear any earrings that aren't pure yellow gold for more than a few hours.  I get lucky if they last all day without itching, redness, possibly even gross allergic-reaction-type stuff.  I can't wear watches at all, even sports watches, because the metal backs of the actual watch piece irritate my wrist.  Bracelets and rings sometimes give me problems, too.

So I went back and forth a lot on whether to go through with this. Another factor: I have no pain tolerance.  None.  Also, Claire's doesn't have pure 24K yellow gold, only 14K, and with stainless steel backings.  I was so afraid of infection, of pain and irritation, of removing my earrings and letting the holes heal and having it all be a waste.  Right now that still could happen.  But I went through with it anyway.


getting 'em done



my new holes (one of them, anyway)


  1. I've been thinking about getting my ears pierced for my birthday, but I'm not sure. Do you think it was worth it?
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  2. Well, as of a little over a week later, I can tell you this much:

    1. The first night? No. Sleep. Ugh, it's practically impossible to sleep comfortably without squashing and contorting your ears, but you don't realize how much until the squashing and bending is painful.

    2. They do stop hurting after a day or two, but if you have allergies/sensitivity like me, they keep itching on and off. Really there's nothing I can do other than clean them more than the prescribed 3X a day and ignore the itch.

    3. I still have nearly five weeks to go, but right now, I think it was worth it! I keep looking in the mirror and thinking "Wow, is that really real? Are those really mine?" Makes me feel so adult, honestly, because growing up my friends and I had one set of holes while all the moms had two. It's like this was a rite of passage or something! Itch and all, I still love them.


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