The Pinterest Report: Sock Bun Hair Curling

Week Nine: Sock Bun Hair Curling
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(Sorry this is late!  I suppose moving, even when it's just a virtual move, still messes life up a bit.  This was scheduled to go up today but then was switched to draft during the move yesterday.)

The Pin:

sock bun hair

The Link:

The Test:

You'll Need: long sock without a mate, scissors, hair band, brush or comb, water spray bottle (if your hair is dry), blow dryer (if your hair is wet), hair net and bobby pins (optional - if you need these to keep regular buns in place, you'll need them here)

What to do:  First, cut off the toe of the sock.

Then, roll the sock into itself completely - the way you roll together a pair of socks when you're folding laundry.  Just keep rolling until there's nothing left to roll and it looks like a plush donut.

Now, pull your hair into a ponytail.  If it's wet, you'll need to dry it until it's just a bit damp.  If it's dry, you'll need to spritz it just a little to dampen - not wet! - it.

Then the hard part: put the sock-donut around the ends of your ponytail and roll it down the ponytail, wrapping your hair around it.  I tried this a few times... and then my mom tried to help me a few times... and my dad finally got it on his second try.  The video makes it look a lot easier.  Maybe it is for different hair types - my hair is super-thin and sort-of-layered and I have a lot of it.

Mine before sleep:

Use your hair net and/or bobby pins if necessary.  Now just sleep on it! :)

After sleep:

In the morning, when you take out your bun, you should have natural-looking curls.  My results weren't quite as good as some of the pinners and the original lady, but it did give my hair some body and volume for Sunday morning church service.

After taking out and styling:

The Grade:

I probably won't do this again, not because it didn't work, but because it's not the best option for my hair type.


  1. Thanks Emi! :) I know it did curl my hair, I just prefer the curls I get from sponge rollers if I'm going to sleep on it anyway.

  2. Cool! What a neat idea. Though... I have super thick and long hair, so I wonder if it would work...

  3. Hi Bethany! I honestly don't know - I think everyone would have to try it once themselves to find out how well it works on their hair.


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