Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Pinterest Report: No-Heat Hair Curling

Week Fourteen: No-Heat Hair Curling
{all photos linked to source}

The Pin:

no-heat wavy hair tutorial
The Link:

The Test:

What you'll need: Wet hair and time.

What to do:  Separate your hair like into pieces, like you would to curl it with an iron.   Then twist each piece completely, like this:

Then let it dry naturally, making sure it stays twisted up.  It should curl beautifully.... according to the original link, anyway.

These are my results:

immediately after taking out the dry twists

a short while later

The Grade:

As you can see above, it did not work.  At.  All.


  1. This post is hilarious, Emily. :)There's probably a few no-heat ways to curl hair, I guess this just isn't one of them. :D

  2. Well I'm glad you enjoyed it, Anna! :P I know the best no-heat curling for my hair involves sleeping in sponge curlers. It usually turns out but it makes sleeping a pain and generally the curlers get stuck and tangled in my hair...

  3. Your hair is naturally straight, right? I use that technique a lot and it works fine, but my hair is more wavy.

    1. Hi nerdyword! Yes, my hair is very very straight when it dries naturally. I guess that must be the problem?


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