The Pinterest Report: Headband Upcycle

Week Sixteen: Headband Upcycle

Apologies, my dear readers, but I can't seem to find the place I first saw this project.  So we'll skip The Pin and The Link and go straight to The Test, because this project is so fun and easy I have to share it anyway!

The Test:

What you'll need: a headband, ribbon, hot glue gun and sticks, decoration (extra ribbon, fake gems, fake flowers, small feathers, etc. - optional)

What to do: Make sure you have enough ribbon for the whole headband before starting this project!  Now, hot glue the end of the ribbon to the underside of one end of the headband.  Squeeze a line of glue along the underside of the headband and carefully wrap the ribbon around and press it into the glue.  Make sure not to overlap the ribbon too much, but don't leave gaps either.  And don't burn yourself!  Take it from me: no fun.

Continue gluing small lines and wrapping until the whole headband is covered, then cut any leftover ribbon and glue the end to the underside of the headband end.  All done!  I didn't do this part, but if you want, you can add feathers, gems, bows, flowers, or whatever tickles your fancy. :)

I love my new-old headband!  The old white headband I used was dingy and yellowed and just bleck.  But now this matches a couple of my favorite shirts and brightens my hair up easily!

The Grade:


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