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Trafficking Myths (from the FBI's human trafficking prevention page)

"Myth: Trafficking must involve the crossing of borders.
Fact: Despite the use of the word “trafficking,” victims can actually be held within their own country—anti-trafficking laws don’t require that victims must have traveled from somewhere else.

Myth: U.S. citizens can’t be trafficked.
Fact: They can and they are.

Myth: Victims know what they are getting into or have chances to escape.
Fact: They’re actually duped into it and may not even think of escaping because of threats against them or ignorance of the law.

Myth: Victims are never paid.
Fact: Sometimes they are paid, but not very much.

Myth: Victims never have freedom of movement.
Fact: Some victims can move about, but are coerced into always returning, perhaps with a threat against their families back home."

The same page offers tips for identifying human trafficking victims - which could be of any age and nationality.  Also, it's good to remember that, while the majority of trafficking victims are trafficked for sex, many are trafficked for free or cheap labor.  The Columbus Dispatch has a very clear and eye-opening article on how trafficking covers a broad scope.

For answers to basic questions on human trafficking, read the FBI's Human Trafficking Intelligence Report.  This page talks more about foreign adults trafficked into America.  It answers the following questions:

  • How big is the problem?
  • How are victims "recruited"?
  • What kind of work are victims forced to do?
  • How are victims controlled?
  • What about the traffickers? (Who they are and how they work.)
Finally, two infographics on trafficking:




  1. This is so so so so so sad! Thanks for sharing...I hope it can be stopped very soon!

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Sierra. The main step right now is making people aware that it's even happening. Knowing your enemy is half the battle.


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