Camp NaNo!

Good morning, my lovely readers!  Remember this past November, when my blog was taken over by Pinspiration for and discussion of my NaNoWriMo book?  Well, this month I'm going to keep the writing/non-writing posts a bit more balanced, but right now I'm participating in a similar month-long challenge: Camp NaNoWriMo!

Today, I'll let the officials from camp tell you how the program works.  Then on Thursday, I'll share a bit of my Pinspiration for this project.  Don't worry, Saturday will be a non-camp post.
"Based on November’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Camp NaNoWriMo provides the online support, tracking tools, and hard deadline to help you write the rough draft of your novel in a month… other than November!

Camp NaNoWriMo was established in 2011 as a project of the Office of Letters and Light, the parent 501(c)(3) nonprofit to National Novel Writing Month and the Young Writers Program. 2013 Camp sessions will take place in April and July."

Participation is key.  Community is a strong part of this event - you get assigned to a cabin with 4-6 great supporters, and you can discuss anything and everything you're working on in the NaNo forums!  You can set your own word goals, and you can even use an already-started story.  *gasp*  You NaNo rebel, you!  (Traditional NaNoWriMo requires that you not start the actual story until 12 AM November 1.)  I think my favorite parts are my cabin (with several people I requested and already know well) and the novel page on my profile.  I'm a simple, easy-to-please person.  Give me a spot for my story description and the gorgeous cover Ruth Ackiv so graciously made for me (again).  I'm one happy Camper. ;)


  1. Camp NaNo sounds really cool! I was going to join in, then decided I didn't have anything to write. Until, of course, inspiration hit this month anyway! But never mind! Good luck with your word goal!

    1. Thanks! Have fun with your story, and remember that Camp is running again in July, so you haven't entirely missed your chance!

  2. It sounds interesting. I think that "Camp" woudl suit me better as i'm in the middle or beginning of a book. However I did have an idea I wanted to work on...maybe this November I'll actually FINALLY do NaNoWriMo! :) The whole idea seemed daunting :/

    1. Hey Sierra! If you want to do Camp, it runs twice a year - this year, it's running for April and July, so you can still jump in this summer!

      As for NaNoWriMo itself, yes, it is daunting. Even people who have won ten years in a row and now write two-three books each NaNo (I'm not exaggerating) are still daunted every year. But that's kind of the point, really.

      I mean, the idea is to challenge yourself, break the barriers of our comfort zones and traditional writing routines, and just write. The focus is taken off of quality and put on quantity, which is a lot more freeing and exhilarating than you might expect. And I can tell you that, if you're like me, it'll take a practice year (or two!) before you can even hope to win - but it's still So. Much. Fun. If you make use of online writer's groups, Camp cabins or NaNo buddies/friends, and/or the NaNo forums, you make a lot of great new friends, too. That's how I met Ruth Ackiv, who I now go to every time I want a book cover. :)


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