DIY Party Diva: Rapunzel Slumber Party {Decor}

Rapunzel Slumber Party
Theme: Disney's Tangled; Guest list: Girls, ages 2-8

Paper Lanterns

What you'll need: Scrapbook paper, scissors, glue or double-sided tape, craft wire, pen or pencil

What to do: For two mini lanterns, cut the scrapbook paper in half.  For a tall lantern like the middle one in the top photo, use a whole square sheet.  Fold the long edges in a little, like hemming in sewing, and glue or tape in place.
Fold the paper width wise, not quite in half.  You want enough extra sticking out to tape or glue later.  Fold the extra over the end of the paper and crease both folds.

Now unfold the paper and fold both ends - the end of the paper and the crease marking off your tape extra - to the middle fold and crease again.  Unfold.  Match the crease for the extra with the edge of the paper and tape or glue in place.

You should now have a freestanding lantern.  All you have to do now is carefully poke a hole in two opposite sides of the lantern using the pen or pencil.  Make sure not to get too close to the edge and keep the length from the edge the same on both sides.  Keep the hole small - just big enough for the end of your craft wire to slide through.  Now cut a length of craft wire, slide one end through one hole, and tie or twist it to keep it from pulling back out.  Repeat with the other end and other hole.

Voila!  Your own royal birthday lantern!

Rapunzel's Braid

What you'll need: A skein of pale yellow yarn (about 650 feet, actually); purple ribbon; at least two assistants (I had four)

What to do: Have an assistant hold the skein of yarn while you measure out an 18-foot piece.  Yes, 18-foot; that's 6 yardsticks.  Cut and repeat twelve times; set aside these pieces.  Make two more 12-piece clusters, same length.

Now, use a scrap bit of yarn to tie the clusters together with a six-inch or so tail.  Have an assistant hold that end while you and the rest of your assistants braid the three clusters.  The original tutorial said one person held the end while two others braided.  I found it helped immensely to have one person per cluster (three people braiding) while another person held the end and Mom watched the actual braiding.  There were a few times when the strands got twisted or a 'bump' (if you've ever braided real hair, you know what I mean!).  Mom would point that out so we could fix it without having to undo a lot of braiding.

Once you have about six inches left, tie off the braid with another scrap of yarn.  Tie a pretty purple ribbon bow over the scrap on each end.  All done!

Tune in next week for party activities!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sierra! It's an adapted version of the ones on the official Disney site.

  2. Cute! Tangled is such a fun movie.

    1. Thanks! Isn't it? Rapunzel and Belle are my favorite Disney Princesses :)


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