DIY Party Diva: Rapunzel Slumber Party {Activities}

Rapunzel Slumber Party
Theme: Disney's Tangled; Guest list: Girls, ages 2-8

Pin the Pan on Flynn

What you'll need: a blindfold, Flynn Rider Wanter Poster (found here), frying pan cutouts (I printed wallet-size shopping images off the internet and cut around them), tape (preferably double-sided) or sticky tack

Prep: Print out poster and frying pans; cut out frying pans and put tape or sticky tack on the backs; hang up poster.

How to play: Players take turns.  On her turn, blindfold the player, spin her around a few times, and then guide her to the poster, letting her try to stick her frying pan on Flynn's nose.  The winner is the girl whose pan is closest to Flynn's nose.

Find Pascal

What you'll need: 3D Pascal printable, colored pencils or crayons, glue or tape

Prep: Print out and assemble Pascal according to the instructions found with the printable.  Hide Pascal in a designated room.

How to play: Tell the guests Pascal is lost/hidden in the designated room and the first person to find him wins.  If you prefer team-oriented games, this could easily be modified to be team vs. team or simply a rescue operation.  Depending on how long it takes for the guests to find Pascal, you may want to re-hide him and play this game several times.

A Crown of My Own

What you'll need: Crown template (I drew my own), adhesive rhinestones, scissors, pencil, tagboard or cardstock, crayons and any other decorating materials you want, tape or stapler

Prep: Trace and cut out as many crowns as you have guests (you may want to make an extra or two, as well).  Decorate with adhesive rhinestones.

How to play: Give each guest her own paper crown to color and decorate however she wants.  Once the crowns are complete, tape or staple them to fit each guest's head.

And, of course, watch Disney's Tangled!

Tune in next week to see the party favors!


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